A Break

In a world of storms is this the calm before or after
Pause or break
Beginning or end
When your soundtrack is thunder and lightning, silence is the shock
Sanctuary razor thin between sanity and insanity
It’s a fine line to walk
When you’re used to feeling everything all the time
The winds, the rains, the hail
Being tossed here and there
Pretty soon you stop feeling things
And feeling nothing starts to feel like feeling something

The absence of pain starts to feel like happiness
Or as close as you can get
The eye of the storm is your heaven
When you live in hell any slight repose is a miracle
Anything to not be battered and bruised for a moment
Breaks can last moments, or days, or weeks.
Or one afternoon.
One afternoon with the sun shining on your face
And the wind whispering in your ear instead of wailing
And then you feel the beginnings of a smile
The beginnings of clarity. Of serenity
Before the winds pick back up


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